A ScrabbleFib

I continue to find Scrabblegrams challenging to write, but fun. Here’s an attempt to write a Scrabblegram that is also a Fib poem. It was inspired by a delightful cross-disciplinary lesson plan linking sunflowers, origami and the Fibonacci sequence, which I chanced upon while browsing the internet.

 My thanks as ever to Dave Cohen for his generous encouragement of my Scrabblegram experiments. For more on Scrabblegrams, and to read some exceptionally fine examples of the form, visit Dave’s site: https://davesscrabblegrams.com

Sunflower origami image credit: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/508203139176751737/




slime trail


over the gravel

to my flowerbeds, where hostas

that I had tended so carefully have been reduced 

to tattered shreds. A robin perches among panicles of lilac as you approach

with buttered scones and coffee. Light slants through leaves, glistens the slime trail silver. Everything contributes to the dazzle of this day – even snails.

This Fibonacci poem was first published in The Fib Review Issue #41